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Revue výtvarné výchovy
Nové směry 1928-29 / 2.ročník /

O.Storch-Marien Aventinum Praha 1928-29
covers and typo by Adolf Stehno
editored by Zdenek Louda
complete 2nd year / no.1-10
155 pp., unorig.hafl-cloth binding 4°

This journal was created by members of Linie Group.

texts by:
E Pitter, R.Lander, J.Benda, Z.Louda, B.Václavek, V.H.Brunner a další

Inboud 1st volume of 3rd year at the beginning of the book.

condition: well preserved, inbount front and back side of all orig.covers, nine pages with underlined parts of text