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Teige Karel / Seifert Jaroslav / Halas František
pohlednice s linorytem / Devětsil

Very rare early document of the Devetsil group
postcard with glued orig.linocut by K.Teige
with a portrait of Jaroslav Seifert
dedicated and sent by J.Seifert to Frank Halas
dated 21.XI.1921
12.5 x 7 cm

The linocut was used in the first edition of the poetry collection by Jaroslav Seifert - Mesto v slzach - published 1921.

A similar card sent by J.Seifert to the member of the Devetsil in Brno J.B.Svrcek 24.9.1922 is published in the book Brnensky Devetsil a multimedialni presahy umelecke avantgardy , published in 2014, page 54 /photos available/.

condition: a tear 1cm on the edge